Yes!  We offer private parties.

Whether it is child or adult we can cater a party to fit your needs.  

$125 set-up fee for all private parties.  PLEASE NOTE: This fee is waived for any party of 8 or more! 


We do birthday parties, small gatherings, catering, demonstration cooking parties, one-on-one private cooking lessons & we will organize any style cooking class at our facility requested on an agreed date.

Children's Cooking Parties

We love children's cooking parties.  Here is a brief description of what we offer.  We will also customize a party for you have something else in mind.


Ages 3+ - These parties, for this age group, are typically one hour of kids cooking but we allow 1.5 hours of kitchen time (please read):

These parties tend to last approx. 1.5 hours (one hour of cooking & a half hour to sing/celebrate/eat/open gifts) and would involve a parent bringing a birthday cake to celebrate and possibly adding their own take-out pizza (if making a dessert) to serve (not included) and open gifts.

We do offer combo parties as stated below where we can combine an entree & a dessert that the children can make to cover a two-hour party (not recommended for ages 3 & 4) and this will include all the food needed for the entire party (no outside food necessary, unless you still want a birthday cake to celebrate).  An example would be Pizza Party with Magical Unicorn Fruit Dip & Strawberry Lemonade for $34.95 per child.  

PLEASE NOTE: These entree's can be used for ANY age group but these can be simplified enough for the 3, 4 & 5 age group specifically.  If we use them in the older ages we tend to make more of the ingredients from scratch.


* Pizza Party w/ Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $23.95 per child

* Homemade Fresh Waffle Party w/ Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $23.95 per child

* Homemade Pancakes w/ Sliced Side Fruit Party - $23.95 per child

* Cake Decorating Parties (we bake the personal bundt cakes for each child & they decorate with sprinkles, candy & cream, little kids LOVE these parties) - $24.95 per child

* Magical Unicorn Fruit Dip w/ Fresh Fruit & Crackers & Strawberry Lemonade $24.95 per child

* Homemade Soft Pretzels with Hotdogs & Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $23.95 per child


Ages 7+ - These parties are typically (2) hours in length.

*Mexican Fiesta - $29.95 per child

* Pizza Making w/ Fresh Dough Prep & Tomato Basil Sauce, Pepperoni & Bacon $26.95 per child

*Homemade Pasta & Red or White Sauce from Scratch (kids love these) - $28.95 per child.

*Homemade Plain & Pepperoni Stromboli from Scratch - $26.95 per child

*Lo Mein Noodles & Dim Sum Donuts made from Scratch -  $34.95 per child


*PLEASE NOTE: We can mix-up any party and add an entree and dessert if you like for a small up-charge per child (example: pasta making AND fruit cobbler baking in one party). Something like this would cost $33.95 per child for two hours.


The parties include hosting at our commercial kitchen, all food needed, hands-on instruction & clean up.  All parties will have a $125.00 set-up fee.  PLEASE NOTE: This fee will be waived for parties of 8 or more!

Our kitchen counter holds 10 people for a hands-on class, so we can accommodate up to 10 people for any private party.


Currently we book most parties on Sunday at 10am, 11am or 12pm for kids.  On occassion we will book other time slots if available. We require half down as a deposit & to hold your time slot and date and the remainder is due 3 days prior to the party.  Full refunds given with (3) days after booking and half refunds given up to 72 hours prior to party.  Sorry, no refunds after that time.


If this sounds like something you wish to do please contact us again and let us know what you choose and what dates you are looking for.  Since we book everything out a few months in advance it is wise to give us three optional dates to work with.


Adult Private Parties

These parties are fun!

Our adult private parties start at $59.95 per person and typically last 2-3 hours.

We do have a $125.00 set-up fee per party.  PLEASE NOTE:  This fee is waived for any party of 8 or more!


Our adult private parties can consist of soups/bread, pasta, seafood, beef, pork or any other entree you may wish to do.  We can even plan an afternoon or evening of apps.  The choice is yours.


These private parties can be hands-on cooking classes, demonstration cooking classes or a catered & served meal (great for dinner parties).  We come, we provide food, recipes, instruction and service.

Our parties are great for business gatherings, team building, girls night out, guys night out, family get togethers, out of the ordinary dinner out or just because :)


Contact us to set up your private party.  Our facility is always adult byob for your enjoyment.


Contact us to set up your private one-on-one cooking lesson and become your own chef.






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