Whether its a small corner property or a large multi level concept we can help you find whats right for the property you are developing. Sometimes a concept doesn't fit the space you are looking at and sometimes you just need help to flush the concept and get it moving forward. Our services can help you get your project from idea to reality.

Are you re-concepting or just changing a menu? We have you covered with that as well. We can do a full concept analysis and review it with you and give our years of experience and help move your property forward.


With over 20 years of experience building successful menu concepts we have the know how and repitoire to build a menu that is right for your individual concept. We can work with your vendors to make sure that your menus make sense and can drive profit to the bottom line. We take every aspect of the property into consideration kitchen lay out, dining room layout, walk in and reach in space as well as vendor choice making sure the menus are tailored for a realistic turn out for maximum effect and profit. All menus come with easy to read recipes as well as costing based on your current vendor pricing.


Special menus for special events are also a specialty of ours. We have written and executed multiple award winning events and have cooked at the James Beard house as well as won the Mobil Travel Guides esteemed Four star Rating for our menus.


Most designers are more concerned about style than practicality and profitablility, we will work with your designer to ensure that the flow of the restaurant is kept in mind as they give you the style you are looking for. With experience in openening multiple concepts we have the experience to make sure that even the smallest detail of service is not over looked making sure all space is used to maximum efficiencey. 


Not looking to demolish and start over? We can analize your current operations design and help look for ways to tweek it to make more efficient use of the space you have with the equipment you allready have in place.


Our support continues long after an opening or a menu roll out. We can be as hands on or hands off as you and your staff need us to be.

Whether we help you open a new property or help to sort out the direction your property is taking we will be there to help you manage all aspects of the business, from menu developement to Profit and Loss statement analysis we can help any business move forward in this competitive market. 

We will roll out systems that when put in place make is easier for an operator to manage a restaurant and make it more profitable.


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